Tips I learned while traveling!

1. Hard work

I worked hard to take my trip to Italy. Being consistent putting money away was hard. Especially when I could’ve used my traveling fund for other things.

2. Travel Alone

I’m  excited to travel with ppl but I’m not afraid to go alone. While on my trip or any or any trip. This gave myself and others to strike a conversation with me. With that being said the night life doesn’t happen for me because I’m alone.

3. Be Human

I understand aggravation and disappointment, but projecting that onto others isn’t necessary. The golden rule treat others the way that you like to be treated. Even if it takes restraint be HUMAN and treat people with dignity.

4. Leave your book at home

Journaling while you are traveling is key. Writing the feeling or experience at the end of the day can say more then a picture. When your head is in a book you become not present when you should be present.

5.  Expand

Who you are can  be EXPANDED by walking in a different part of the world or even a different part of your state. When your eyes and thoughts connect your human compass can slightly change. When your ears and thoughts connects your human compass can slightly  change.

These tips will surely help you on short destinations and longer ones too.


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